Should I Start Blogging? – 20 Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog Now

It is a win-win situation where all you need to do is to pick a niche, write your first blog post, start monetizing your blog, and watch the inflow of money over time.

Have you ever considered blogging? Maybe for self-expression, accountability, or building a business? Let’s get into your reasons after affirming your answer to the question, “Should I start blogging?”

20 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

1. To Build a Brand

Blogging stands as a paramount strategy for brand development. As you cultivate a dedicated audience, trust builds around your niche expertise, paving the way for repeated visits and confidence in the brands you endorse. This trust, initially established through affiliate links, becomes a foundation for your brand-building endeavors.

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2. Empowers Your Marketing Expertise

Blogging exposes you to diverse marketing strategies like content marketing, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, SEO, and email marketing. A profound understanding of these techniques enables you to finely tailor your content, focusing it on your specific target audience.

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3. Earn for Expressing Your Opinion

Monetizing your blog becomes a rewarding endeavor, allowing you to generate income by sharing your opinions and knowledge. Choosing a niche, crafting your initial blog post, initiating the monetization process, and witnessing a gradual stream of income over time creates a win-win scenario.

If you're in search of a reliable platform to monetize your ads, consider Ezoic, a platform that has proven satisfactory over the initial 2-3 years of blogging. For an in-depth understanding of the platform, explore our comprehensive Ezoic review detailing personal experiences.

4. A Consistent Stream of Passive Income

Embarking on a blogging journey promises a reliable source of passive income. While it may take time for novices to attain a level where earning $2,000 monthly becomes effortless, every investment in blogging proves worthwhile.

For individuals seeking a community of like-minded bloggers, consider joining the Insiders Program—an assembly of dedicated bloggers committed to transforming blogging into a full-time profession. Through this program, I've acquired the skills to achieve revenue exceeding $6,000 per month, an experience I wholeheartedly endorse.

5. Selling for Profit

The option to sell your blog online is a viable avenue for profit. Platforms like Flippa and Motion Invest facilitate a straightforward process for selling blogs. The valuation of your blog, determined by factors such as subscribers, blog traffic, and income, plays a crucial role in determining its worth and selling price.

6. Inspiring Others

For those prioritizing the inspiration of others over additional income, blogging serves as a potent platform. By selecting a niche and sharing your ideas and experiences, you can effectively motivate and engage a targeted audience. Through compelling content, you contribute to the learning and personal growth of your audience, creating a positive impact and fulfilling your aspiration to inspire.

7. Business Growth through Blogging

Entrepreneurs can leverage blogging as a valuable tool for business growth. Begin by identifying your target audience and tailoring your blog topics to convert readers into customers effectively.

Alternatively, for existing businesses, establishing a blog can serve as a potent strategy to attract more customers, thereby boosting overall revenue.

8. Cost-Effective

Entry The initial investment for starting a blog is budget-friendly, starting as low as $65 per year. Bluehost, a platform suitable for beginners without high traffic, is a recommended choice, considering the affordable entry costs.

9. Enhancing SEO Traffic

Blogging stands out as a top method for enhancing SEO traffic. By incorporating a blog on your website, you can strategically target relevant keywords, working towards securing a prominent position on Google search results.

10. Building Connections

Blogging provides a seamless means to connect with people, offering a platform to lead individuals of similar mindsets. Establishing a community where members share common thoughts fosters trust and a receptive audience.

11. Knowledge Sharing

For those possessing substantial knowledge on specific products, services, history, or relevant topics, starting a blog enables the sharing of expertise with a global audience. This not only aids in helping people but also offers an avenue to generate income.

12. To Learn New Skills

Many people start blogging for fun and eventually do it full-time.

One major reason for it is that it helps you develop your skills. As a blogger, you can learn many new things, such as WordPress designing, writing, etc. You also learn about various marketing, SEO, and content management concepts.

For me, it’s so much fun to learn different things and build skills. I’m very easily bored and love doing different things throughout the day. If that is also true for you, you should start a blog.

13. To Expand Your Social Media Following

Although blogging isn’t primarily done to increase social media following, it is a great way to increase your followers over time.

Many people start a blog sharing their life with links to their social media accounts. When people read your blog, you can also lead them to your social accounts to increase followers.

14. To Become a Better Writer

Blogging needs you to be a good writer to attract people to come (and stay) on your platform. Writing helps you shape your arguments and opinions in a much better way.

While writing, you have more time to think about what message you want to convey, which helps you come up with creative ideas to engage your audience.

15. To Get More Traffic to Your Website

If you already have a website to your name, blogging is the best way to give it a little Google boost.

It can help you generate new traffic different from what you are already getting. The more blog posts you have on your website, the more chances you have to appear on the search engine results page (SERP) on search engines like Google and Bing.

16. To Convert Traffic Into Leads

Converting all the traffic into leads is easy and simple. All you need to do is to add a lead-generating call to action to every post. These can be free eBooks, trials, or anything a person can get as a reward for some information.

When you give them their freebie, you can provide value to them while you will also get their information to build an email or call list. When you send regular emails to your list, you can convert them to buy your product or service.

17. Blogging Your Long-term Results

If you shape your content in a way that always answers the right questions most frequently asked by the customers, you will get long-term results. The readers will come back to you, repeatedly, searching for the answers to their questions.

Over time, your position in search engines like Google will also increase, which means you will get even more traffic to your platform.

Having the right systems in place may result in more revenue and profit.

18. Allows You To Earn Without Leaving Your Home

Blogging doesn’t ask you to work with the machinery or stay all day at the office. All you need to do is to stay at home and write. You can do most of the work from home, which is a huge bonus.

You can also work from anywhere, which is a dream for me. I quit my day job last year, traveling the world while working wherever I wanted.

19. To Build Self-Confidence

Writing your own opinions about many topics allows you to build a lot of self-confidence. People reading your opinions and appreciating your works allow you to recognize your worth.

Over time, you can express yourself better and get more confident in your arguments.

20. Allows You To Create Tutorials

Creating courses is much easier when you have your own blog, which allows you to set up a class of students without searching for them. You use your current audience to enroll in the offered programs.